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10/10/2022, 11:10 AM
Sorry for the super long message 😅 I think for me, the Block Grid Editor will be super useful to developers / clients who are familiar with page builder style interfaces. I personally wouldn't select it as my preferred approach to stacking sections of content to build full pages given many of the designs I work on wouldn't be best suited for the flexibility in choice as a fair majority of the blocks I'd build would be better suited to the full width layout. That being said, a perfect use-case that I may consider adopting for my next start from scratch project would be areas such as news article pages where you can let your content editors go crazy with a basic set list of article friendly blocks and layouts (i.e. images, rich text, testimonial, gallery etc). This would more than certainly drop the current approach to using a rich text editor with field limiting macros. Not had to time at the moment to test the latest RC, but given my use-case above I may find the time from somewhere this week to try it out on Paul's clean starter kit on the blog article page: A couple of dark clouds I can think of ahead of time though is the need to create secondary Angular based views may put some people off creating rich interfaces in the back office and may stick to basic block appearances. Would be awesome if we could have the option to pull through the razor view instead as per Dave Woestenborghs article on blocklist editor ( For my example of a news article page though, I can't see these things as a major concern and would more than be happy to create a second view for these basic blocks. Secondly, (with my client hat on) Would also be good from a UX perspective to allow the editor to toggle between basic & live previews so they can get a more holistic view of the page structure without content getting in the way. I guess similar to when we change the order of fields within a document type.