# social


09/28/2022, 1:23 PM
Hey all, quick summary of what this UmbraCollab will entail: - Update - - addition of altering the SVG markup to force a viewbox instead of width & height properties. Also caching file contents instead of performing an IO read each time. Can be managed via a new set of configurations within appSettings, or at tag level. - New - - throwing minimal properties at the tag to produce fully responsive & lazyloaded (native or JS) images. Again, certain configurations are done at appSettings level to define your global breakpoints and other preferences specific to your site. I've set up Paul's clean starter kit and set up a few demos to show all this in action. What I'm hoping to get out of this is your feedback, any performance wins which can be done to further improve what's there, any additional changes which the PR would benefit from and finally it'll be my first opportunity to say hello to a bunch of you rather than at the other side of a keyboard. See you at UmbraCollab 😀