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07/13/2022, 4:19 PM
Yeah I take a very similar approach to @ravimotha. I've come across two types of developers in the past couple of years who I've had to adapt my teaching material towards. - Those who have done web development for years, mainly on old school web forms on other CMS's and a bit of MVC using EF. - And others who haven't even used a CMS before, but know their C# quite well The first group of devs I've talked them through installing Umbraco, tried to relate as much as possible in a language they speak by using references and comparisons with what they've previously been used to from other CMS's/EF. The second group, installed a basic MVC site so show the box standard functionality, then installed Umbraco to show what Umbraco gives in addition as well as a crash course within the backoffice. For both groups I too have suggested @codesharepaul's excellent 18 part series on v8, some non-Cloud/Heartcore/Uno videos on the Umbraco Learning Base and some .Net Core videos from IAmTimCorey. And, of course the best way of learning is getting your hands dirty within a prebuilt website, so exposure to those is just as fundamental in my opinion.