*Morning all - what are we all working on today?*
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Morning all - what are we all working on today?
For me it's some slides for V10 & post CG wrapup slides for meetup organisers, then onto playing with the backoffice POC to give frontend team some feedback and ask questions.
Goodmorning Warren! πŸ‘‹ Currently in the process of watching back Scott Hanselman's CG22 talk! And my afternoon will mostly consist of cursing at IKEA furniture πŸ˜‚
Well I was going to say CG wrap up slides for umbLeeds πŸ˜„ but..... And re building a v7 in v10 πŸ™‚
Currently working through a long list of "bugs" fed back from a huge v7 - v8 upgrade (hoping to move to 10 later in the year). I wouldn't mind if it were my bugs but the client has clearly never paid this much attention to the site before. There are only so many ways of saying "this has never worked."
Wrapped up acceptance testing for an ultra quick rebrand project. Of course most of the test feedback is related to crappy content, not the actual changes. Also wrapping up a post mortem on a fairly substantial outage yesterday πŸ™„
Just deployed an update to a v7 site with a hacked fork of Merchello so the site supports 3D Secure authorisation. that was probably the least fun task I've had to do a long time... Still don't know it's actually working yet
but my fingers are crossed