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01/24/2022, 2:07 PM
TypeScript will be coming to vNext. In the meantime, you basically have 3 options. 1. Wait (patiently. The update is a huge task) 2. Learn enough angular to get by, but know it's going to be a pain and you'll probably have to throw it all out later. 3. Look at using WebComponents to build as much of your UI as possible. vNext will be built on web components so it'll put you in good stead. By using WC's you can use whatever framework you want as well as TypeScript but you'll have a bit of pain making them meet in the middle. This all really depends what you need to do in your package though. If all you need is to grab some data, using WebComponent and bypassing Umbraco might be good enough. If you plan to build something huge though, it's up to you whether you can justify the effort right now.