<@!698103747351543828> is there a specific channel...
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@User is there a specific channel for suggestions for Umbracollab ?
No I don't think so @User so lets use this thread instead
Hehe thanks @User
I mentioned a while ago getting Block Lists to retain their open state when publishing. I think @User had a way to do it? Is that feasible for a lunchtime session?#
Also do I need to propose it in github first?
😬 I seem to have a habit of saying things in chats and then forget the whole context
So basically, if you have a lot of blocks on a page, you edit one then publish, it closes. It may take users a while to find the one they were editing and open it again..
So can we set a cookie/token and store the state of the blocks so after publish it is maintained?
I can see it's just an angular check on the button
Yeh perhaps could be a JS/UX thing we can try to fix as mob programming
An example