# social

Mike Masey

11/18/2021, 8:07 AM
Hey @User and everyone else. Apologies for only just responding, I’ve kind of been out of the loop with everything for a while due to a super busy schedule and work in general but I’m starting to get my Umbraco cogs turning again. (Still getting used to discord too) I’m certainly looking at getting the virtual Meetup up and running again now things are starting up in person. I’m also looking at getting the Kent Umbraco Meetup started again at some point too. I’ve always been pretty casual about how I run things and I’m always happy to try different days. The main issue I always faced for in person meetups though was numbers. Kent is a pretty big place and there isn’t a huge number of active Umbraco community members around so try to find a place that works for people is tricky. Then you pair that with the fact that o would struggle to get 1 or 2 people attending for an event I would spend hours of my free time organising it gets a little demoralising. I’m always looking for and happy to received help organising my events but I never found anyone willing, most people would preferred to enjoy the fruits of the labour which is absolute fine, it’s certainly a commitment. I’ve said to myself that if I’m going to start the in person one again I won’t do it alone as it can get too much for me (I have had some people who said they’d be interested this time which is nice) Accommodating everyone is tricky, that’s why I started the virtual Meetup initially as it would be a weekend thing once every 3 or 4 months. The luxury with that though is there is no need to sort a venue or potentially food and drink.