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right its a one off commitment @User , would your attitude to it change if it was once a month.. as for discussions I think plenty to be had .. @User there was at one point a talk of a meetup of meetups .. but organising it was tricky.. people are having to put in plenty of time already to organising the things we have so to ask for additional help may be a tough sell..I'm not trying to be defeatist.. I would say this the virtual meetup exists Talk to @User he may have plans and he might be looking for the right kind of help. canvas opinion and look at restarting it with a limited aim.. ie once a quarter.. that was you can organise and promote accordingly. As for smaller groups .. i personally think smaller groups is good it means you start somewhere and can always grow it..also it means more locality and the chance to get to know person x and person y who might be close locally etc Typically its lots of interest to start with then a weaning off , then get reinvigorated . and rebuild and get to a decent core audience which is self sustaining..