# package-development

Mark Drake (Next Player Up)

03/26/2022, 6:31 PM
Shouldn’t count on all of your visitors having the ideal level of access - latency, bandwidth, hardware, software. I’ve seen little to no reason to change how I’m developing things (yet). Especially since using the tooling allows me to run so many other optimizations - why not just send the optimized bundles already produced? The day to re-evaluate the optimal bundle size (code splitting) is coming though. When the day comes I’ll still turn to these tools that are already doing that and more. I can build with multiple outputs for modern browsers and fallbacks for others. I know not everyone has the energy, time, or even cares to learn FED so I won’t hark about it. I try to avoid a lot of the CD/Smidge (?) discussions because TBH I don’t see any usefulness. Our Umbraco sites come with a mature FED process already baked in. One thing I’d like to try and integrate soon is allowing some of my CSS framework to be edited in browser and kickoff a webpack build on the server to refresh some files. But if I don’t take it THAT far, I may at least expose some values as variables and have the server rewrite the variables from a template. That should be possible at least. Sorry for the long comment above.