Thank you for linking me to that issue! It actuall...
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Thank you for linking me to that issue! It actually covers some of the things I had to find out for myself. Wish I had read this earlier. Ronald, when you say that there are breaking changes in ImageSharp.Web v1 -> v2, do any of these breaking changes impact the Umbraco CMS itself? None of the tests failed. I ask because I've never used NUnit (?) before and maybe I could spend some time writing additional tests as a learning exercise. Of course I understand the thousands of websites using Umbraco v9, may have written their own code, and the breaking changes could impact them. Instead of pushing hard on Umbraco HQ to accept the upgrade, I wonder if there's a way to introduce a package that uses ImageSharp.Web 2.0 (when it's released) and "register our own CropProcessor"? Again, not a BED. Sorry if I'm not using the right terminology here. Thanks for the discussion and the link again.