# hacktoberfest


10/28/2021, 8:27 AM
New TagHelper our-member-include and our-member-exclude to show or hide DOM elements based if logged in member is part of a member group. Examples ⬇️
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<div our-member-include="Staff">Only members of Staff Member Group will see this.</div>
<div our-member-include="Staff,Admins">Only members of Staff OR Admins member group will see this.</div>
<div our-member-include="*">Only logged in members will see this.</div>
<div our-member-include="?">Only anonymous members will see this.</div>

<div our-member-exclude="Staff">Only Staff members can't see this (Including anonymous).</div>
<div our-member-exclude="?">Everyone except Anonymous members will see this.</div>
<div our-member-exclude="*">Everyone except who is authenticated will see this.</div>