Umbraco cloud deployment issue from azure dev ops
# help-with-umbraco


09/30/2023, 8:22 AM
Hi , I have made a deployment to the Umbraco Cloud project from azure devops however despite the files being updated within the cloud git repository, it appears there is no content nor doc types showing in the back office. I have checked the .umbraco file on kudu and it shows the following: [project] base = "src/UmbracoProject" csproj = "UmbracoProject.csproj" but this is supposed to show up on kudu as it was within the .umbraco file inside Azure devops: [project] base = "src/Moorfields.Web.UI" csproj = "Moorfields.Web.UI.csproj" I think this is the cause of the failed deployment. Would anyone be so kind to let me know as to which other step needs to be taken please? FYI: The screenshot shows the .umbraco file within the cloud git repository. Also uSync isn't used for this so imports and exports aren't necessary as .uda files are used for content deployments. Many Thanks,