Performing an Examine managed query on a multivariant site.
# help-with-umbraco


10/03/2023, 10:26 AM
Hey all, Performing an Examine ManagedQuery on a site in which I have two variants set up (English and dutch) where sometimes certain pages arent published in one of the cultures. (For example, a Dutch page which has yet to be published in English) When returning the results, I sometimes have "null" results return from the query. Would I be correct in assuming these "null" results would be those pages which are "yet to be published" in the culture I'm searching in? If so, How do you format the query to search over the "Published_nl-nl" field for example? I see it stores a value of y, but when providing a field query of:
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query.And().Field("__Published_nl-nl", "y");
I end up with 0 results where there once was 40. (Attached an example of one of these null results)