The Scope being disposed is not the Ambient Scope (custom tables)
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Owain Jones

10/11/2023, 11:36 AM
Hi all, I have a repository pattern set up for some custom database tables, here's the Update method:
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public virtual async Task<TOut> Update(TOut item)
  using var scope = _scopeProvider.CreateScope();
  using (var transaction = scope.Database.GetTransaction())
    var poco = _mapper.Map<T>(item);
    await scope.Database.UpdateAsync(poco);
    item = _mapper.Map<TOut>(poco);
  return item;
The above class is registered as transient. If I call this method multiple times in one request (e.g. in a foreach loop), then I seem to run into this exception:
The Scope being disposed {guid} is not the Ambient Scope {guid}
and all subsequent attempts to run the method result in
No AmbientContext was found.
exceptions; only a restart fixes it until it happens again. The addition of a
to the start of the Update method seems to completely fix the issue. But that's a gross band aid fix which only masks whatever the underlying issue is. (feels like the first scope is not being closed in time and the second scope is created as a child scope?) has anyone ran into this before? Am I missing something stupidly obvious?


10/11/2023, 12:00 PM
I had a similar issue but it was due to a nested call, to get around it I had to declare them as autocomplete in the constructor and then just do a transaction complete, don't know if that will help

Owain Jones

10/11/2023, 6:14 PM
Cheers Huw, I'll have a go at using the autocomplete option tomorrow 🙂