Is it possible to customise the info tab?
# help-with-umbraco


10/16/2023, 12:02 PM
Hi all, probably a quick ‘no’ but we have a client who would like to be able to see what the url of a node would be once it’s published (I.e. displaying somewhere when a node is ‘saved’ but not published) I’ve toyed with displaying beneath the node name but a) that’s very much custom source functionality and b) not ideally suited for multiple variants / cultures etc. Ideally then we’d like to populate the Info tab with this information. Either in the existing Links area (perhaps greyed out or italicised url’s to indicate they’re unpublished) or by adding a new section. TL:DR; is it possible to add or influence sections within the info tab or is that whole section ‘hands off’


10/16/2023, 1:04 PM
Everything is customizable 😉
Just spitting ideas, but you could probably use something like a ContentSendingNotification to replace the 'link' data in the Info tab