[SOLVED] - [v13.0] Accessing options for a Block Settings in the Backoffice environment
# help-with-umbraco


01/31/2024, 8:01 AM
I am wondering what my options for getting access to a list of DocumentTypes are in the backoffice through a Block settingsData. So I have a block that has the option for setting a background color with a ColorPicker with 3 predefined colors, now when accessing the block data/settingsData I have the currently selected value at the ready, but what i want to do is enable the user to directly select a new color by opening a ColorPicker in the Infinite Editor. The issue is I don't see any way to access the list of available colors to choose from for the user and using the entityResource API doesn't seem to work with whatever options I try choosing from. Any ideas on what else I could check out in order to make this work? P.S.: the color picker is under Data Types if that makes any difference.
Found that the dataTypeResource is able to get the list that I wanted for a Data Type, all is well 🙂