VariationContext language is invalid when using SharePreview
# help-with-umbraco


02/01/2024, 12:28 PM
Hi all, I know this may be a bit of a longshot as it involves a third party library (TruePeople.SharePreview), but for some reason when using the preview links generated, the VariationContext ends up being set with an invalid culture. For example: In a normal page request in umbraco if the request has the language en or en-us in the accept-language header, the VariationContext automatically gets set to en-gb as it recognises it as English, and notes that en-gb is the only installed english variant In a SharePreview request, it the request has the language en or en-us, the VariationContext get set to one of these instead of the valid en-gb. Has anyone else experienced this in a SharePreview or regular request?