Using blocks in the Rich Text Editor
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02/02/2024, 1:25 PM
I've created a Rich Text Editor which accepts the option to place a specific block. I've created a view within Views/Partials/RichText/Components/MyBlockName.cshtml, but when I look at what's rendered on the page, all I see is
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<umb-rte-block class="ng-scope ng-isolate-scope" data-content-udi="umb://element/305b2fdb17cb41fca96b43f14f604781"><!--Umbraco-Block--></umb-rte-block>
Does anyone have an idea what I'm missing?
It seems that when inserting a block in the RTE it adds the class "class="ng-scope ng-isolate-scope"" , but this does not match with the regex with is responsible for replacing the blocks with the real content.
Anyone experienced the same issue?
Just tested on a clean install, and the same is happening there.