# package-development

TackleMcClean 🏅

11/02/2021, 9:07 AM
A question about the ecosystem of packages and how they work. There's a package available as a zip file for Umbraco 8. I've spoken to the developer, and while they will eventually get around to making a nuget version for Umbraco 9, it is not a priority and will take a long time. Meanwhile we're looking at a project for a client to build a new web on Umbraco 9, and they need the functionality of this package (3rd party image handling). The zipfile contains a few files, mainly the functionality (I guess?) packaged in a dll file. Given this scenario, I assume the developer of this package is the only one able to convert it to Umbraco 9, correct? I mean, we couldn't solve that ourselves somehow I guess?