# contributing


02/20/2023, 9:35 AM
Morning Jason, so for me I done this without any issues * Checkout contrib branch * dotnet build at root * does some NPM stuff for us first time (so first run will work) * cd src/Umbraco.Web.Ui * dotnet run * install Umbraco via browser * Open VSCode src/Umbraco.Web.UI.Client *
npm run watch
* Modify src/views/dashboard/content/redirecturls.html - with some header * Do manual refresh - as its not doing any livereloads AFAIK node -v 16.13.2 npm -v Edge: 110.0.1587.50 Edge Dev: 111.0.1660.13 So first couple of thoughts from me to check are: * Does it work if you use NVM and switch to an older version of Node? * Have you tried running the site from the CLI without Visual Studio, just wondering if Visual Studio is doing something funky like it used to with BrowserLink * Tried a different browser * Do you have any VSCode extensions that may be trying to do live reloading - I know Edge also tries to link DevTools to VSCode sometimes