Ignoring developer-centric stuff for the moment, d...
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Ignoring developer-centric stuff for the moment, do we have anywhere where we can work out what the editor UX improvements have been between V7 and V9? I know many site owners didn't upgrade to V8 because they were told there was a V9 coming out soonish. However, many site owners don't care about the tech, they just need to know how it'll make life easier for them, spending on a V7 to 9 upgrade. I think it's quite a critical point in time actually, because if it's going to be expensive anyway to take your old V7 content with you, it's probably a good time to look at what else there is in the CMS world. It's a bit of a worry tbh. We need to make a strong case to show it's worth it and it's not all about the platform tech (faster, etc.).